…And Brownies For Lunch!!!

I’ve been living under a rock. I had my first Larabar today, and it actually blew my mind. This thing is a brownie. Seriously. It was so good, I might go out and buy an entire box of this flavour. I don’t know why I waited so long to try one, since I love (love!!!!!) dates and nuts make everything better.

I have one more exam left and then I am done my degree!!!! All this studying has been brutal, I managed to squeeze in time for a run today and I had to find a way to stretch my bum- it was sore from all the sitting studying I’ve been doing! I have been sooo busy, it will be nice to have some free time to run and read and COOK of course. I’ve been living vicariously through everyone else’s blogged-about dinners as mine have been less than stellar lately.

At least my last exam is in my favourite class- International Trade and Finance. I might just be in love with my prof. He brings in his kids’ lego to teach us economic models.


10 Responses to “…And Brownies For Lunch!!!”

  1. VeggieGirl Says:

    SOOO glad that you loved your very first Larabar!! I eat Larabars EVERY SINGLE DAY – I can’t get enough of them, haha. You MUST try the other flavors too!

    BEST of luck with your last exam!! Hooray!!

    Happy Earth Day, as well :0)

  2. Jill Says:

    I’ve never had one, but you now convinced me to do so.

    Veggiegirl – what is the best/one of your favorites?

  3. VeggieGirl Says:


    Ahh, I have too many favorite Larabar flavors, haha – my top favorites are (in no particular order) Apple Pie, Banana Cookie, Cashew Cookie, Pistachio, Gingersnap, and Pecan Pie.

    Hope you don’t mind me posting the answer here, Linds! :0)

  4. linds Says:

    Not at all, veggiegirl! I love your reccommendations, I’ll have to expand my flavour horizon with a few you suggested 🙂

  5. glidingcalm Says:

    i need to try that lara bar! im not a huge chocolate fan, but I do occasionally enjoy a good brownie, so maybe I’d like it?

    good luck on your last exam!

  6. Monica Says:

    Yay for almost being done with the semester! I know how much of relief it is!

    I have been wanting to try Larabars for awhile now! Did you find them filling? I’m sure they are delicious but I’m skeptical if they will hold my hunger!

  7. Sheltie Girl Says:

    Interestingly enough this flavor and the banana are the only ones I actually like to eat. These are great to have around and satisfy that need to eat something quick.

    Sheltie Girl @ Gluten a Go Go

  8. ChocolateCoveredVegan Says:

    Of COURSE they are all jealous of our bananas… I have big plans for mine!

  9. Kelly T. Says:

    dont feel too bad, i havent ever had a larabar either.

    Im not quite sure why, but im thinking its because i just buy whatever is cheapest…

  10. loveofoats Says:

    wow – i never tried this flavor! i’ll put it on my list of things to buy 😉

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