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May 24, 2008

Oooh Monica tagged me so I guess that means I’m it.

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Let’s see…5 things about me….
1. I played a ridiculous number of sports as a kid. I started off with soccer when I was five, and since then I have played competitive basketball, figure skating, track and field / cross country, swimming, hockey… I was even lucky enough to have multiple sport practice sessions the same day. Like 6am skating and then 4pm basketball followed by 7pm soccer. No wonder I could eat whatever the heck I wanted 🙂

2. I was “discovered” and did some modelling for a bit. This is funny because I’m 5’1″. It was all stock photography, as in I could be the face of some bank’s new student credit card. I’ll be sure to let you all know if such fame ensues.

3. I’m very indecisive. I graduated from University with a BA in English Lit and Econ, but along the way I toyed with plans to become an Architect, a Registered Dietitian, a Doctor (ok a Brain Surgeon), or a Journalist. Needless to say, I drove my parents nuts.

4. I’m scared of everything. When I was younger I would throw a blanket over my head and plug my ears while “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” was on because I was scared. My 5-years-younger sister would sit there laughing at me. I also slept in her bedroom, on the floor, every night for a week after watching “The Exorcist”. She thought that was pretty funny too.

5. I’m a bit of a snob about my chocolate. Hershey’s tastes like plastic.

Now I get to tag 5 people.. I’m sure everyone has already been “tagged” before so if you don’t feel like doing it it’s ok, my feelings won’t be hurt 🙂 haha

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Stop the Presses!

May 21, 2008

Just imagine the happy dance I did when I found this:

It’s a CHOCOLATE COFFEE Larabar!!!!! My two absolute favourite flavours smooshed together into one amazing bar. And it tastes delicious. Rich, thick texture, and just a hint of coffee taste that isn’t bitter in the least. Definitely my favourite Larabar ever, and I’ve tried nearly all of them now. I kept checking the label as I was eating this, as if somehow the all-natural ingredient list of dates, walnuts, hazelnuts, cocoa mass, cocoa powder, cashews, coffee would change to sugar, glucose-fructose, HFCS, butter, death, destruction…. Ok I exaggerate but seriously this tastes unbelievable, the next time I’m craving a brownie I know what I’ll be reaching for 🙂

And another fun find for the day! Almond hazelnut butter. It tastes like plain almond butter at first, and then there’s a hint of something vaguely nutella-like but without the chocolate. (Obviously the hazelnuts lol). I really liked it! I don’t know if it can topple the reign of peanut butter, but it sure is a delicious alternative.

Back to the jobhunt, enjoy your humpday everyone!

Saturday Morning Pancakes and Other Musings

May 17, 2008

I woke up this morning craving pancakes. It was kind of an odd feeling- usually, I find pancakes too heavy and they tend to send me back into my warm bed instead of energized and out the door. But today my tummy demanded pancakes, no substitutes. I was worried that my increasingly sparse pantry might fail me in my breakfast quest, that is, until I happened upon the easiest, tastiest pancake recipe ever. Hannah is brilliant! (But we all know that already). I pretty much stuck to her recipe, except that I cut it in half, using part white pastry flour and part whole wheat. I also added a touch of vanilla extract, and had to sub in water mixed with some instant hot chocolate mix because I was all out of soymilk (desperate times, folks. I told you my pantry was bare). I used mashed banana as my fruit puree, left out the oil, and of course tossed in a handful of chocolate chips. And wow, what a pancake! Deliciously light yet perfectly filling, this little guy hit the spot. I chopped up the rest of my banana then cooked it in some cinnamon sugar as a side, and paired with some maple syrup this breakfast was nothing short of amazing. Make these pancakes!!! Now!!! You will NOT be disappointed 🙂

…Now back to the grill!!!! I have been grilling up a storm- no fruit or veggie is safe, I shall grill them all!! (Insert evil megalomaniac laugh here).
Last night’s salad contained:
-Spinach and Romaine lettuce (ungrilled, unfortunately. Fortunately?)
-half of a grilled salmon burger
-grilled Pineapple
-grilled Baby Carrots
-grilled snowpeas
-grilled Tomato slices
-sundried tomatoes
-parmesan and goat cheese
-soy sauce/ honey/ red pepper flake/ five spice sauce dressing mixture

The grilled tomatoes especially came out sooo good! I even got grill marks on mine, though you can’t really tell in the picture because I proceeded to drown them in a shower of parmesan. The cheese melted into the hot tomato and it soaked up a lot of dressing and was so incredibly flavourful. I am now a firm believer that veggies are meant to be eaten after grilling- the carrots and snowpeas were so crunchy and tasty!

Pineapple was the real star in this dish, though I can’t take credit for that one. The roomie marinated pineapple halves in rum and brown sugar and then barbequed them at her parents’ place a few days ago. They developed a deliciously crispy, slightly charred crust and got even sweeter, if that’s possible. The combination of pineapple with the goat cheese and salmon was unbelievable.

Pictured below is tonight’s grilled veggies delight, pretty much the same as last night’s except without tomato or parm. I added in deli turkey and used raspberry flavoured balsamic vinegar for a dressing. Mmmm soo delicious 🙂

It was such a beautiful day today, so I chose to spend as much time as possible outside, walking. I discovered a couple of goodies along the way:

…And this. By far the BEST coffee-flavoured yogurt I have ever tried. Not too bitter and not too sweet, but creamy beyond any other. I loved it and have already gone through half the container. Oops.

My grocery finds tasted amazing together too, in case you were wondering 🙂

Have a happy Saturday night! I’m watching The Godfather for the first time (shame on me I know, I haven’t seen any of those classic “must see” movies) and then tomorrow night I think I’m getting together with some friends to have an Italian-themed potluck while we watch more Godfather!

It’s Official

May 16, 2008

…Everything tastes better grilled!

My roomie-for-the-month (that’s right, I’m moving AGAIN come June 1st) let me play with her grill and let’s just say that I’ve found a new love. I’m grilling everything. Seriously. My delicious treat was inspired by this recipe on Katie’s blog, which definitely deserves the ‘Sandwich of Dreams’ title! Anyway, on to the food- I took half of a whole wheat pita, spread the inside with peanut butter, cinnamon sugar, and a touch of blueberry jam, then sliced up half a banana and put that and some raisins in there too. I grilled it for a few minutes (I couldn’t wait any longer than that) and was rewarded with melty sweet banana peanut butter goodness! Oh my. Don’t make the same mistake I did though and take a huge bite right away- grilled banana chunks get hot!

TGIF- Have a great weekend everyone!

More Kitchen Creativity

May 15, 2008

Well, my photography skills certainly haven’t improved in my absence…. My apologies for another blurry photo! Just pretend this one looks appetizing, because I can assure you the taste was fantastic!! I hope to get back to blogging on a regular basis, I’ve really missed it. Life has just been kinda crazy lately! Job hunting, moving, graduating, gorgeous weather and trying to see as many friends as possible before we all head our separate ways… Needless to say, most of my meals have consisted of whatever random ingredients I can find to combine into something edible. Today’s breakfast happened to be one of those times when I didn’t realize I was out of a vital component and had to get creative- the result was much sweeter than anything I’d usually choose for breakfast, but would make an awesome dessert! I had decided on Overnight Swiss Oats but woke up to find that I was somehow all out of yogurt….What to substitute?? What else is creamy, thick, and delicious?? Chocolate pudding!!!!!!!

Overnight Pudding Oats! What a decadent breakfast!

1/4 cup rolled oats
1/4 cup boiling water
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp cinnamon
half banana, sliced
1 pudding cup (I used Zen Soy chocolate soy pudding- probably about 1/3 cup worth)

(1) Combine oats, water, vanilla and cinnamon. Let sit out until water is absorbed, about 20 minutes. Then cover and put in fridge overnight.
(2) Stir in sliced banana and pudding cup. A tablespoon of raspberry jam would also be an awesome addition at this point. Enjoy!

This actually kept me full for longer than I thought- oatmeal’s satiation power with the deliciousness of chocolate pudding was definitely a winning combination. I can’t wait to make this again, and maybe experiment with other pudding flavours and fruit mix-ins.

Oh and yes, that is pb on my spoon. I have this problem where I put into every dish I can…….

The Never-Ending Dinner

May 8, 2008

No one seems to like leftovers. Poor lil guys. With a little creativity though, you can turn last night’s dinner into something completely new. This here isn’t so much a recipe as an idea- and one that turned out too good not to share. Yesterday’s spaghetti squash with marinara became tonight’s Mexican chili type thing (I’m really not feeling eloquent enough to come up with a better name). My photography skills kinda match my dish-naming abilities today, so you’ll just have to take my word that this dinner was fantastic!

Into the bowl went about 1/4 of a large spaghetti squash, 1/4 cup salsa, 1 cup prepared black bean soup, 1/2 cup veggie ground round, and some tortilla chips with sweet pepper relish on top. Microwave (sans garnishes) for 2-3 minutes, and dinner is done! I added a hearty shake of red pepper flakes because the black bean soup label lied and wasn’t spicy at all. I bet some sour cream or yogurt would also go great with this. The only problem is, I wasn’t able to finish my bowl and so now I have to think up a way to dress this up for lunch tomorrow.


May 2, 2008

Wow, where have I been?! School is OVER!!!! My graduation ceremony is at the end of May, so until then I am sticking around Montreal and job hunting (woooo). However, the lease on my apartment is up, so I basically spent the last week packing up everything I own, shoving it into a u-haul, unpacking said u-haul into storage, and then moving my clothes into a friend’s place so I can sleep on her couch for a while. Jealous? Cause ohhh you should be. I’m not a big fan of chaos and disorganization, so I keep telling myself this is an “adventure” to put a positive spin on it. Also, the kitchen in the house I’m staying at is semi-frightening so I may be living on smoothies and sandwiches for the month… But I think I’ll be optimistic and say I’ll get some cooking in. I miss posting about food already!!