Saturday Morning Pancakes and Other Musings

I woke up this morning craving pancakes. It was kind of an odd feeling- usually, I find pancakes too heavy and they tend to send me back into my warm bed instead of energized and out the door. But today my tummy demanded pancakes, no substitutes. I was worried that my increasingly sparse pantry might fail me in my breakfast quest, that is, until I happened upon the easiest, tastiest pancake recipe ever. Hannah is brilliant! (But we all know that already). I pretty much stuck to her recipe, except that I cut it in half, using part white pastry flour and part whole wheat. I also added a touch of vanilla extract, and had to sub in water mixed with some instant hot chocolate mix because I was all out of soymilk (desperate times, folks. I told you my pantry was bare). I used mashed banana as my fruit puree, left out the oil, and of course tossed in a handful of chocolate chips. And wow, what a pancake! Deliciously light yet perfectly filling, this little guy hit the spot. I chopped up the rest of my banana then cooked it in some cinnamon sugar as a side, and paired with some maple syrup this breakfast was nothing short of amazing. Make these pancakes!!! Now!!! You will NOT be disappointed 🙂

…Now back to the grill!!!! I have been grilling up a storm- no fruit or veggie is safe, I shall grill them all!! (Insert evil megalomaniac laugh here).
Last night’s salad contained:
-Spinach and Romaine lettuce (ungrilled, unfortunately. Fortunately?)
-half of a grilled salmon burger
-grilled Pineapple
-grilled Baby Carrots
-grilled snowpeas
-grilled Tomato slices
-sundried tomatoes
-parmesan and goat cheese
-soy sauce/ honey/ red pepper flake/ five spice sauce dressing mixture

The grilled tomatoes especially came out sooo good! I even got grill marks on mine, though you can’t really tell in the picture because I proceeded to drown them in a shower of parmesan. The cheese melted into the hot tomato and it soaked up a lot of dressing and was so incredibly flavourful. I am now a firm believer that veggies are meant to be eaten after grilling- the carrots and snowpeas were so crunchy and tasty!

Pineapple was the real star in this dish, though I can’t take credit for that one. The roomie marinated pineapple halves in rum and brown sugar and then barbequed them at her parents’ place a few days ago. They developed a deliciously crispy, slightly charred crust and got even sweeter, if that’s possible. The combination of pineapple with the goat cheese and salmon was unbelievable.

Pictured below is tonight’s grilled veggies delight, pretty much the same as last night’s except without tomato or parm. I added in deli turkey and used raspberry flavoured balsamic vinegar for a dressing. Mmmm soo delicious 🙂

It was such a beautiful day today, so I chose to spend as much time as possible outside, walking. I discovered a couple of goodies along the way:

…And this. By far the BEST coffee-flavoured yogurt I have ever tried. Not too bitter and not too sweet, but creamy beyond any other. I loved it and have already gone through half the container. Oops.

My grocery finds tasted amazing together too, in case you were wondering 🙂

Have a happy Saturday night! I’m watching The Godfather for the first time (shame on me I know, I haven’t seen any of those classic “must see” movies) and then tomorrow night I think I’m getting together with some friends to have an Italian-themed potluck while we watch more Godfather!


6 Responses to “Saturday Morning Pancakes and Other Musings”

  1. VeggieGirl Says:

    Hannah’s recipes are brilliant – glad you enjoyed her pancake recipe! And your salad looks delicious too!

    Enjoy watching ‘The Godfather’ (definitely a classic film).

  2. oatmeal Says:

    Glad you liked the pancakes! They look delicious

    And Danone makes COFFEE flavored yogurt?! How do I not know this?!

    Haha I haven’t seen the Godfather either :p I think it’ll be one of those films I can only get through by watching with someone else :p

  3. ashley Says:

    Oh, your food all looks delicious!! I had a huge craving for French Toast yesterday…Mmm! Your pancakes look SO GOOD.

  4. loveofoats Says:

    mmmmmmmmm i love bunny grahams but never thought to mix them in w/ yogurt, what a yummy idea 🙂

  5. ChocolateCoveredVegan Says:

    Good, I’m glad you offered to pack the sandwiches, since you are a Grill Master now. I *think* I could sneak the cake out of the house while my sister is sleeping. Or maybe I should just make a new cake—chocolate this time (since chocolate is better than strawberry, in my biased opinion). You can bring The Godfather. I bet we could learn some spy tricks from those guys! And you have to bring pancakes too, since I can’t work on an empty stomach.

  6. Kingshuk Says:

    Wow! your recipes are so yummy. Welcome tomy blogs too na feel free to leave your comments.

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