Stop the Presses!

Just imagine the happy dance I did when I found this:

It’s a CHOCOLATE COFFEE Larabar!!!!! My two absolute favourite flavours smooshed together into one amazing bar. And it tastes delicious. Rich, thick texture, and just a hint of coffee taste that isn’t bitter in the least. Definitely my favourite Larabar ever, and I’ve tried nearly all of them now. I kept checking the label as I was eating this, as if somehow the all-natural ingredient list of dates, walnuts, hazelnuts, cocoa mass, cocoa powder, cashews, coffee would change to sugar, glucose-fructose, HFCS, butter, death, destruction…. Ok I exaggerate but seriously this tastes unbelievable, the next time I’m craving a brownie I know what I’ll be reaching for 🙂

And another fun find for the day! Almond hazelnut butter. It tastes like plain almond butter at first, and then there’s a hint of something vaguely nutella-like but without the chocolate. (Obviously the hazelnuts lol). I really liked it! I don’t know if it can topple the reign of peanut butter, but it sure is a delicious alternative.

Back to the jobhunt, enjoy your humpday everyone!


15 Responses to “Stop the Presses!”

  1. VeggieGirl Says:

    Oh yes, that IS a delicious Larabar/Jocalat flavor. Enjoy!

    Since the hazelnut-butter from my beloved resource for purchasing all of my nut-butters is “temporarily out of stock” (I almost had a heart attack, haha), I purchased their almond-hazelnut-butter… I can’t wait to try it!! Glad that you like the version that you purchased!! :0)

  2. Ana Says:

    My name is Ana and I came across your blog today when searching for chocolate lovers’ blogs in Montreal. I enjoyed reading your recipes, specially the chocolate peanut butter cupcakes.

    I wanted to email you, but unfortunately could not find your email address on your blog. I work for Matchstick, a word of mouth marketing agency working on behalf of Dove chocolate to launch their all-new line of Milk, Dusk, Dark and 71% Cocoa chocolate. We’re selecting 100 social and influential women in the Montreal area to receive a free Dove Pleasure Kit containing the full line of Dove chocolate! All that we ask in return is your feedback about your experience.

    If you’re interested, check out

    Thanks and feel free to contact me at 1-800-530-8092 ext.219 or if you have any questions!

    Looking forward to your new blog posts.


  3. Jill Says:

    That’s the flavor I tried and wasn’t impressed. Are there ones you like more?

  4. arielle Says:

    I have always wondered about that bar. I’m going to buy it now!

    And, uh, definitely do that dove thing. Duh.

  5. healthyceliac Says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. Thanks for bringing that bar to my attention, because finding it has just made it to the top of my to-do list. Chocolate and coffee together is one of my favorite flavor combos.
    I’ve been looking all over the place for hazelnut butter. I’m glad you like the almond-hazelnut combo. It sounds delish to me.

  6. glidingcalm Says:

    I’ve only tried the Almond butter… and I preferred PB!! Still need to try the cashew, hazelnut, macadamia nut butters. If only they weren’t so hard on the waller!

  7. ashley Says:

    Great! Now all I can do is think of that bar! As if I didn’t have enough chocolate in my diet 🙂

  8. loveofoats Says:

    yummy! i can’t wait to find/try the jocalat bars!!!

  9. Ruby Red Vegan Says:

    I tried that Jocalat a couple of nights ago and I love it so much too! I think it’s the combo of coffee, and chocolate, and hazelnuts – I love all three and they’re even better together!

    And oh – my – goodness – almond hazelnut butter?! Wow. VeggieGirl always talks about hazelnut butter and I’ve really wanted to buy some recently. You certainly have good taste (which is already evident just by the name of your blog).

  10. ChocolateCoveredVegan Says:

    Haha it’s the perfect bar for your blog title. I’ve only had the Jocalat mint chocolate, but since I trust your tastebuds, I’ll have to buy this one next time I’m at Whole Foods.

    Good news— Mama duck says her children WILL work if we pay them in cake. Too bad we can’t pay them in “free Canadian meds” because I have so many extras sitting in my email junk box (well, those and Viagra…)

  11. Melissa Says:

    yum – Chocolate and Coffee!!!!!

  12. VeggieGirl Says:

    Hey Linds!! Just wanted to let you know that now I’m OBSESSED with almond-hazelnut-butter – it combines the best of both worlds (almond-butter & hazelnut-butter, haha). Yum!! :0)

  13. Betsy Says:

    i love almond butter. i love hazelnuts. i must buy this ASAP!!!

  14. Kelly T Says:

    I need to branch out in my choice of nut butters.

  15. Monica Says:

    tag! you’re it 🙂

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