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Is Anybody Still Out There…?

June 29, 2008

Wow it has been waaaayyy too long since I last posted. I have been lurking on all of your blogs, just not keeping up with my own! This month has been crazy, and that’s an understatement. Everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong, and I’m still feeling like I haven’t gotten my feet under me yet. I apologize for the extreme vague-ness (am I making up words here?) but I would just prefer not to discuss and look forward instead. I’m trying to be positive but I’m really not a natural optimist- no time like the present to learn, I suppose 🙂 I’ve also realized that I haven’t been taking very good care of myself lately, both in terms of my eating habits and exercise. My health has always been a top priority, but lately I’ve been indulging in cupcakes and handfulls of trans-fat laden chips and crackers and other junk that I know just isn’t worth it. When I feel good, I’m good to myself, but when I don’t….Well, it’s not pretty. I need to kick my bad habits and get back to the good ones. I’ve also gained 5 pounds or so in the last few months- nothing major, just a signal that I need to step back and change some things about my lifestyle. Sorry for such a downer post! I will definitely be posting more often now because I have seen how supportive the blogging community can be and I’m thinking this healthy living overhaul I’m going to make needs some of that support 🙂

Ok I can’t make this all negative- my family is getting a puppy in 4 weeks!!!!! Our sheltie Tinkerbell died in January and we were all just so heartbroken… But we are getting a little baby boy sheltie puppy 🙂 I went to visit him last night and there were 8 puppies in total and it was just the cutest scene ever!!! I’ll post pics as soon as I get some!


All Grown Up & Graduated

June 1, 2008

I was so happy to have sun for Graduation Day! It was held in a huge tent on campus and was such an amazing experience….I can’t believe it’s done though, those four years went by way too fast. I just wanted to share a couple of pics from the day- here I am, on the right, with my sister Allison. She graduates from High School this June! I can’t believe how old she is now.

With the parents
My amazing boyfriend 🙂

Here the photoshoot started to get a little out of hand. In an effort to keep things interesting, someone suggested I try climbling the tree. Hint for anyone wondering- 3-inch heels and tree climbing do not mix.
I moved again today! At least I’ll be in this apartment for 3 months instead of just one so I can get a little more settled. I should be back to cooking within a few days 🙂