Meet Oz!

I’ll be back tomorrow, posting my meals, but until then I want to tide you over with some adorable-ness 🙂 I give you Ozzie, my family’s new sheltie puppy!!

Awwwww makes me wish I was home right now! At least there’s BOSTON on Thursday!!! I’ve already informed my boyfriend several times that I will need to spend a few quality hours with TJ’s and Whole Foods….And my desire has only increased after seeing Em’s hot bar spread…Ohhhh deliciousness, here I come…..


4 Responses to “Meet Oz!”

  1. VeggieGirl Says:

    Linds, you KNOW that those photographs of Oz make me extremely happy – brings back fond memories!! :0)

  2. lizzy Says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!! this is the cutest puppy ever..he looks like such a teddy bear! hope your having a great week!

  3. grounded fitness Says:

    awwww! Where’s mine??

  4. Conquerbysmiling Says:

    OH MY GOOOOSH! that is such an AODRABLE puppy!!!

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