Heart to Heart

Hi guys 🙂 I’ve missed blogging, I know I’ve been away for a really long time, but I have been super busy and as I’ve yet to fall into a routine, I’m still feeling a little crazy and unsettled. My laptop is ok now and I finally have internet, school (two night classes every week for me) has started, I’m working a full time job and I’ve moved into a fantastic apartment with my even more fantastic boyfriend 🙂 Needless to say, I am much happier now than I was during the lonely summertime! I’m still working out a few kinks with the apartment (a couple fuses are out, including the one that powers the stove- what a tease! I can look at my lovely new oven but can’t use it yet!!) but hopefully everything will get sorted out within this week and I can settle down into something more normal.

I also (still) have a little bit of weight to lose, and some areas to tone. I’m away from the restaurant now so I really have no excuses for eating too much dessert. I haven’t yet decided if I should go back to what I was doing before, blogging my meals every day, because first off it would probably get a little boring (I’m really not that exciting lol) and secondly I don’t know if I have the time for it. But, I also did enjoy doing it and it would be fun to share my recasting and reshaping. The accountability that blogging holds you to, at least until new things become habit, is also a plus. I kind of like how Broccoli Hut posts every two days, so there’s another idea..

Anyway it’s been far too long since I shared any pictures around here, so I simply must show off what my boyfriend (Steve, for future reference) brought me from Boston: 4 jars of PB and Co peanut butter (white chocolate and dark, the best obviously) a WHOLE BOX of peanut butter Larabars (BEST EVER) and a nice big bottle of Moet et Chandon champagne, which we toasted our new apartment with 🙂 Let me tell you, this girl here loves her champagne 🙂

Rest assured, I have been reading, if not commenting on what all of you lovely ladies have been up to 🙂 xox


9 Responses to “Heart to Heart”

  1. Simple and Divine Says:

    I'VE MISSED YOUU!!!! (And I know… My blogging has been so bad it's disgusting… WOrking full time and going to school full time is exhausting!)

    Anyways, that is SO freaking SWEET of your precious Boyfriend!!! Moet Chandon… <333

  2. glidingcalm Says:

    Aww! We’ve missed you Linds!! Glad you checked in and gave us all an update!! I hope your apartment is ready soon…having missing fuses is def. a pain!!

    And it looks like you scored a good one with that boy…PB and PB Larbars?! Wowza!! That’s the kind of gift I want!!

    Take care Linds! 🙂 Gluck with everything!!!

  3. VeggieGirl Says:

    Lindsay!!! Sooooo glad that you’re back, AND that you’re feeling better now :0)

    PB COOKIE LARABAR = VEGGIEGIRL’S #1 FAVORITE FLAVOR!!! And hooray for an abundance of peanut-butter jars as well!! Your boyfriend is a keeper!! :0)

    Looking forward to your next post!!

  4. ashley Says:

    Larabars, PB and champagne? What a guy!

  5. lighterportions Says:

    Yay, so glad to see an update from you! And even MORE glad to hear just how happy you are and how great everything seems to be going for you!

    And super jealous of the amazing Boston purchases by the bf. I want to try those Larabars SO badly.

  6. ChickPea Says:

    Hi, I just discovered your blog–we eat so many of the same things! Nutiva HempShake, Clif Z bars, PB…I can’t wait to catch up on your old posts!
    PS Thanks for the shout-out!

  7. vegalicious Says:

    Oh my gosh. A whole box of peanut butter Larabars. A beautiful sight to behold!

  8. lizzy Says:

    glad you are back and that everything is working!! your bf is awesome he brought u perfect treats! i hope your having a great weekend!

  9. Happy Herbivore! Says:

    i think we have every vegan version that pb company makes — amazingly good huh?

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