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Recessionista Pudding

May 3, 2009

When it comes to dessert, especially a chocolate dessert, I’m all about going real. No “100 calorie packs” or sugar-free chocolate here- a little taste of the real thing is just so much better, in my humble opinion. So after saying that, I am now going to eat my words and confess my love for packaged chocolate soy pudding, Zen Soy brand, to be exact- I even used this chocolate soy crack in overnight oats once when I ran out of yogurt. Homemade, whole milk -based this is not, and yet, Zen Soy will always have a special place in my heart.

Unfortunately though, a 4-pack of pudding love will set me back about $4.50 and this girl is all about reducing expenses these days. So when I found a recipe for a tofu-based pudding on Diet, Dessert and Dogs  that looked impressively similar to my beloved Zen Soy, I knew I had to try it.

I followed the original recipe very closely, using a box of shelf-stable silken low-fat firm tofu (325g), and giving that a whirl in the food processor until it was completely smooth. I only had about 1/3 cup agave nectar, so I used up that plus 1/3 cup organic sugar and 1/3 cup Valhrona cocoa powder. I combined these ingredients on the stovetop for a few minutes to “prevent the cocoa from having a starchy, powdery taste” as Ricki suggests, however due to my lack of liquid¬†sweetener the cocoa powder and sugar congealed into this dangerous looking, grainy cocoa mass. Um, at that point, I thought oh what the heck and threw it into the food processor with the tofu and 2 tsp of pure vanilla extract and hoped for the best. After a few minutes of intense pulverizing, I took off the lid, stuck in a spoon and tasted- and- could it be? Chocolate soy pudding heaven? I am happy to report that, even before chilling, the pudding tasted just like my favourite packaged kind. And after a night in the fridge, it has perfect pudding consistancy and a nice rich chocolate taste (I’m sure I can thank my Valhrona cocoa powder for that).


I’m kind of lying to myself again though by saying that I’m trying to save money on food- well, ok I am trying, just not all that hard, because when I saw this new Liberte cafe latte organic yogurt I don’t even remember looking at the price, it was all “must, want, need now” and into the cart it went. It was coffee flavoured. I couldn’t help myself.

Liberte Organic Cafe Latte Yogurt

Liberte Organic Cafe Latte Yogurt

Plus with all the money I saved on making my own pudding, it all evens out, right?? Right??? Anyone…?