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A Better Banana Bread

September 23, 2008

I’ve quickly come to the realization that I am not an everyday blogger. Or even an every two day blogger. Posting my meals is boring for me and I hate feeling like my entries are uninspired and lacking in creativity! Therefore, I’m going back to why I created this blog in the first place- to share my love for good food and the pleasure involved with it in the form of recipes and other musings 🙂 And I think I’m going to be a lot happier doing it 🙂 I’ll also update a little along the way about how my recasting is going (French Women Don’t Get Fat– for those who missed me mentioning it before).

The recipe that awakened me from my blog slumber and brought about the utter need to post was, fittingly, a breakfast one. I love muffins and quick breads for breakfast but I don’t love their sugar content, so I came up with a banana bread-like pancake recipe that uses only one tablespoon of sweetener (I used agave but I bet honey would be great too!). The recipe is based on my favourite pancake template, from vegan baking queen Hannah Kaminsky.

Banana Bread Pancakes

1/2 cup whole wheat pastry flour
pinch of salt
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup vanilla soymilk
1 tbsp agave nectar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2 tbsp pureed banana

Mix first 4 (dry) ingredients. Mix wet separately. Slice remaining part of banana very thinly and gently fold into dry ingredients at the same time you mix in the wet. Don’t overmix! Let sit for up to 10 minutes. Pour batter onto a greased pan and cook until edges are dry and bubbles start to pop in the middle of your pancake. Then flip and cook until underside is lightly browned. Serve with maple syrup, peanut butter, or both 🙂 The banana slices melt into the batter and give a rich banana bread flavour- definitely worth waking up for!

I did a nutritional facts analysis using’s recipe feature and came up with this: each serving (one recipe) provides apprx. 430 calories, 1.5g fat, 9.5g fiber, 11.4g protein. Obviously, any substitutions will alter these approximations.


Mid-morning Quest

July 8, 2008

Today’s breakfast wound up being exactly the same as yesterday’s, except that I had to work for it today! I had forgotten to buy bananas, so naturally, I woke up with an insatiable craving for bananas. I hate being disappointed with meals, whether due to the taste or because it’s not what you’re craving, so I decided to head to the grocery store and pick up some bananas. Luckily I live right downtown and there are several grocery stores within quick walking distance, so my banana quest wasn’t too challenging. Even though my meal was simple (1 cup of Barbara’s Shredded Oats, the prized banana, and Vitasoy Light Original Soymilk) it tasted delicious and left me totally satisfied.

Now I’m just sipping my coffee and planning out my day. Probably a trip to the gym, maybe the pool, a walk to my favourite health food store… Fun things in store for today!

It’s Official

May 16, 2008

…Everything tastes better grilled!

My roomie-for-the-month (that’s right, I’m moving AGAIN come June 1st) let me play with her grill and let’s just say that I’ve found a new love. I’m grilling everything. Seriously. My delicious treat was inspired by this recipe on Katie’s blog, which definitely deserves the ‘Sandwich of Dreams’ title! Anyway, on to the food- I took half of a whole wheat pita, spread the inside with peanut butter, cinnamon sugar, and a touch of blueberry jam, then sliced up half a banana and put that and some raisins in there too. I grilled it for a few minutes (I couldn’t wait any longer than that) and was rewarded with melty sweet banana peanut butter goodness! Oh my. Don’t make the same mistake I did though and take a huge bite right away- grilled banana chunks get hot!

TGIF- Have a great weekend everyone!

More Kitchen Creativity

May 15, 2008

Well, my photography skills certainly haven’t improved in my absence…. My apologies for another blurry photo! Just pretend this one looks appetizing, because I can assure you the taste was fantastic!! I hope to get back to blogging on a regular basis, I’ve really missed it. Life has just been kinda crazy lately! Job hunting, moving, graduating, gorgeous weather and trying to see as many friends as possible before we all head our separate ways… Needless to say, most of my meals have consisted of whatever random ingredients I can find to combine into something edible. Today’s breakfast happened to be one of those times when I didn’t realize I was out of a vital component and had to get creative- the result was much sweeter than anything I’d usually choose for breakfast, but would make an awesome dessert! I had decided on Overnight Swiss Oats but woke up to find that I was somehow all out of yogurt….What to substitute?? What else is creamy, thick, and delicious?? Chocolate pudding!!!!!!!

Overnight Pudding Oats! What a decadent breakfast!

1/4 cup rolled oats
1/4 cup boiling water
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp cinnamon
half banana, sliced
1 pudding cup (I used Zen Soy chocolate soy pudding- probably about 1/3 cup worth)

(1) Combine oats, water, vanilla and cinnamon. Let sit out until water is absorbed, about 20 minutes. Then cover and put in fridge overnight.
(2) Stir in sliced banana and pudding cup. A tablespoon of raspberry jam would also be an awesome addition at this point. Enjoy!

This actually kept me full for longer than I thought- oatmeal’s satiation power with the deliciousness of chocolate pudding was definitely a winning combination. I can’t wait to make this again, and maybe experiment with other pudding flavours and fruit mix-ins.

Oh and yes, that is pb on my spoon. I have this problem where I put into every dish I can…….

Cookies for Breakfast!?

April 20, 2008

Kelly T. is a genius. I woke up wanting oatmeal, but I was too hot for both oatmeal and coffee, and I certainly wasn’t saying no to the coffee. Then I remembered the oatmeal recipe on Kelly’s blog- she basically mixes up a bowl of oatmeal, then bakes it cookie-style to make hand-held portable oats. I cut the recipe in half, because I only had 1 cup of oats left. I didn’t really measure, I just threw 1 cup of oats into a big bowl with half of a banana, a big spoonful of peanut butter, and another spoonful of honey. Mashed all that up, then I added in some raisins and poured a little boiling water over it all. I was afraid that my batter was too runny, but my cookies held together great! Kelly says she bakes hers for 30 minutes but I got a little impatient after 13 so I took them out then. They tasted just like a bowl of oatmeal 🙂 I think next time I’ll use a little more PB to get a stronger flavour, but otherwise these were perfect.


April 16, 2008

Breakfast today was so much fun! The picture totally does not do these oats justice, they were delicious 🙂


2/3 cup water
pinch of salt
1/3 cup rolled oats
1 tsp honey
2/3 cup light coconut milk
1/2 tsp lemon extract
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 small banana, mashed
2 tbsp dried blueberries

(1) In a small saucepan, bring water to boil. Add salt and oats, simmer until oats are cooked.
(2) Stir in honey, coconut milk, lemon extract, cinnamon, and the mashed banana. Bring to a boil, then simmer until thick (roughly 10 minutes).
(3) Mix in dried blueberries and serve. Makes one bowlful.
I thought up so many ways to top these! Toasted almond slivers, shredded coconut, lemon curd, lemon glaze made with icing sugar and fresh lemon juice- but unfortunately I didn’t have any of these on hand. So I just mixed together some plain yogurt and a little maple syrup and poured that on top.
I have sooo much studying to do today. I wrote my Chemistry of Food final exam last night (loved that class) and I have Literature of the Romantic Period tomorrow. Really excited to be done with the Romantics though, I am definitely not a fan. The exam is part identification and (I find, at least) that all the poetry from this time period sounds the same! And they all write odes to each other and whatnot…Ok, enough with my complaining, time to get some work done. Hope everyone else has a great day :0)

Breakfast du Jour

April 15, 2008

Tomorrow, I am going to teach myself how to upload photos, but for tonight I’m just going to post the recipe for my new favourite breakfast (Edit: photos are added!). I was inspired by the lovely Chocolate Covered Vegan’s recipe for a rice pudding that uses oatmeal instead of rice. Intrigued, I dove into my massive bag of oats and came up with this sweet and filling concoction. Seriously, one bowl of these voluminous oats can keep me satisfied for 5 hours! Now that’s a breakfast one can love! The dominant taste in this oatmeal will be banana- I like pumpkin but not when it’s too prominent. I use it mostly to give a wonderful golden orange color and also to add some more nutrients.

Pumpkin-Banana Oatmeal Pudding

1 cup water
pinch of salt
1/2 cup rolled oats
scant 1/3 cup pumpkin
1 cup milk of your choice
2 tsp brown sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla
2 tsp cinnamon
pinch of nutmeg
1 banana, mashed

(1) In a small saucepan, bring 1 cup water to a boil. Add salt and oats and simmer until oats are cooked.
(2) Stir pumpkin into oats until well combined. Then toss in milk, brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Bring to a boil, then turn down heat and simmer until pudding has started to thicken, about 20 minutes.
(3) Mix in the mashed banana. Spoon oatmeal into a bowl and top with raisins and additional brown sugar, if desired. Or eat it with a big scoop of peanut butter like I do 🙂 Makes one generous portion.

PS- I’m going to be really excited if the link to CCV’s blog actually works. Yes, I’m easily impressed.