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Lessons Learned

August 17, 2008

I went out for a lovely walk today- I was probably out for an hour before I started to get hungry and decided it was lunchtime. I made 1/2 cup of egg whites in the microwave just like last time, and then made it into a sandwich with a toasted whole wheat English muffin, mustard & ketchup, spinach, and tomato. I wish I had some cheese for this though, that would have made it perfect! On the side I had a sweet potato which I microwaved until soft and then cut into cubes and sauteed on the stovetop until crispy. Ketchup for dipping, of course.

I actually only wound up eating half of the sweet potato, because I decided to get some gelato! My cone was oreo, mint chocolate chip, tiramisu, and chocolate hazelnut.

I finished one shift at job #1 at 7 and my shift at job #2 was actually supposed to start at 7 (obviously I didn’t get there on time, thank goodness everyone who works there is crazy laid back and just happy that I show up), so needless to say dinner was eaten on the run. I had a kamut tortilla with a banana and about 2 tablespoons of PB&Co’s Mighty Maple PB. I LOVE this pb flavour!!!!! The hint of sweetness is perfect. Ughhh I would move to the states just for the food products. Well I actually might be moving to the states, but that’s a different story. Also, my boyfriend tells me that no one who lives in the states, actually calls it the states. It’s America. Or the US. Or, as my grandpa says, the US of A. Well, that was quite the tangent.

I snacked too much at work tonight- I was distracted every time I was eating, which means I didn’t enjoy it enough so I ate more in volume to make up for the lack of satisfaction, and also means that I don’t even know how much I ate. I had a few handfulls of my co-workers fries, which were just a little too heavy for me (as I’m feeling now) and lots more bites of gelato. I just feel kind of bloated now. I need to stop making excuses for myself for eating while at work. If I’m going to be hungry, bring a snack. Or just don’t eat it.

Oooh I was going to end there but I just remembered something I wanted to share 🙂 One of the girls I work with asked me tonight if I was ever a gymnast. I was a little confused (wondered why she would ask?) and replied that I used to figure skate. I still have pretty good tone in my legs (though I’m not sure that it’s leftover from my skating days) and I tend to get complimented on my legs and my bum. Haha I feel silly saying that, but really, I always get told that I have a nice bum. It’s a pretty good bum, I guess. Ok no more bum I have to stop there. Annnnyway wow I am on a roll with tangents today. Back to my story- when I told her I used to skate she was like ‘ohh well I asked if you did gymnastics because you have really toned arms’. I have never been told I had anything close to tone in my arms!!!! Must be all those 20lb boxes I lift for 8 hours a day at job #1 🙂 Anyway her comment made me smile and definitely makes me want to tone up all the rest of me just as nicely 🙂

Have a happy rest-of-weekend! 🙂


Sweltering Shop

July 8, 2008

Despite the insane heat I spent a good amount of time outside today, walking around the city and browsing health food stores. I didn’t want to have to carry too much home so I picked up just a few things…

  • English Cucumber
  • Rotisserie Chicken
  • Ezekiel Wraps
  • Whole Wheat Couscous
  • Tin Foil (to keep my wraps intact!)
  • Shredded Carrots
  • Locally Grown Strawberries
  • Organic Spinach and Dill Hummus
  • Gingersnap Larabar

I cleaned the chicken as soon as I got home and then started to put dinner together. I made a salad with cucumber, carrots and strawberries (which were absolutely divine- what a difference locally grown makes!) drizzled with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Then I boiled water for the couscous in the microwave and added some cinnamon and raisins to the grain- I also added on a touch of Agave Nectar to play up the sweetness a little more. Chicken on the side, and voila! A delicious dinner needing only a bit of microwaving to be “cooked”.

I love how the French think about food- meat is a smaller portion and more of a side to a larger portion of vegetables. I adore French Women Don’t Get Fat and French Women For All Seasons by Mireille Guiliano and I have definitely taken her food philosophies to heart. This was such a simple, pleasurable meal, and now I am perfectly satisfied and ready to go to work! (Ok maybe not quite.) Have a good night!

***EDIT*** I wound up having dessert tonight… I had a massive (not even kidding) waffle cone of gelato!! I had a mix of oreo, mint chocolate chip, and rum crocciantino. I could have been satisfied with less.