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Heart to Heart

September 8, 2008

Hi guys 🙂 I’ve missed blogging, I know I’ve been away for a really long time, but I have been super busy and as I’ve yet to fall into a routine, I’m still feeling a little crazy and unsettled. My laptop is ok now and I finally have internet, school (two night classes every week for me) has started, I’m working a full time job and I’ve moved into a fantastic apartment with my even more fantastic boyfriend 🙂 Needless to say, I am much happier now than I was during the lonely summertime! I’m still working out a few kinks with the apartment (a couple fuses are out, including the one that powers the stove- what a tease! I can look at my lovely new oven but can’t use it yet!!) but hopefully everything will get sorted out within this week and I can settle down into something more normal.

I also (still) have a little bit of weight to lose, and some areas to tone. I’m away from the restaurant now so I really have no excuses for eating too much dessert. I haven’t yet decided if I should go back to what I was doing before, blogging my meals every day, because first off it would probably get a little boring (I’m really not that exciting lol) and secondly I don’t know if I have the time for it. But, I also did enjoy doing it and it would be fun to share my recasting and reshaping. The accountability that blogging holds you to, at least until new things become habit, is also a plus. I kind of like how Broccoli Hut posts every two days, so there’s another idea..

Anyway it’s been far too long since I shared any pictures around here, so I simply must show off what my boyfriend (Steve, for future reference) brought me from Boston: 4 jars of PB and Co peanut butter (white chocolate and dark, the best obviously) a WHOLE BOX of peanut butter Larabars (BEST EVER) and a nice big bottle of Moet et Chandon champagne, which we toasted our new apartment with 🙂 Let me tell you, this girl here loves her champagne 🙂

Rest assured, I have been reading, if not commenting on what all of you lovely ladies have been up to 🙂 xox


Light and Fruity

July 21, 2008

Last night my brother and I went out for some gelato and then we snacked on BBQ rice crisps while watching tv, but my camera batteries died and so no pictures 😦 I found some new ones though so we’re good to go now.

Because of last night’s snacks I wasn’t too hungry this morning so I made myself a light breakfast of yogurt with Bear Naked vanilla almond crunch granola, 2% yogurt, half a banana, strawberries, and a kiwi. It tasted just as great as it looked!

The nutrition facts for this kind are pretty good:

And this guy here was running back and forth by my windowsill all morning! Silly squirrel.

I’ve really enjoyed blogging about my meals for the past week or so but so far I haven’t really achieved much in terms of my recasting goals. I am still eating far too many sweets (offenders) and I really need to get more veggies in! Gelato especially is something I am prone to overdo and I have just been eating too much of it without enough pleasure. So, I am going to make a few changes:

1) Cut out offenders completely. For me, these are gelato, snack foods like pretzels that my roommate brings into the house, and snacks (mostly sweet ones, like muffins or pastries) that I just kind of eat without savouring or even really thinking about them.
2) One treat a week, to be had on Saturday.
3) Spend more time on meal planning and incorporate more veggies into my days.

As always, the focus is on pleasure and consciously savouring what I choose to eat. I’m very happy with the amount of movement I do in a day, and I’ve really been enjoying my time at the gym. Now I need to put a little more effort into the dietary part and the results I want will start to show.

Happy Monday and see you for lunch!

Nibbly Night

July 16, 2008

My sore throat and headache made it so hard to fall asleep last night 😦 I turned on the food network and got caught up in Iron Chef America but by that time it was going on 12:30 and I was getting hungry since dinner was so long ago. I went back for a couple more handfuls of pretzels- I dipped a couple into my new Duo Penotti vanilla and hazelnut spread (sweet + salty = awesome) and I had some blueberries and a taste of my roommate’s Quaker Harvest Crunch. You know I’ve been talking about FWDGF and eating for pleasure and I count this snacking behaviour as an ‘offender’ because really, how much pleasure can you get from a food when you’re eating it straight from the package while standing up in the kitchen?

I also count gelato, ice cream, cereals, and crackers (mostly snack, carb-y stuff) as my offenders because they’re foods I tend to overdo without getting as much pleasure from eating them as I should. As I just mentioned I consider some behaviours offenders too- like snacking from the package or just mindlessly munching without really enjoying what I’m eating. The next time I’m hungry late at night, I’ll have a yogurt. I love yogurt for its satiation powers and taste, but sometimes it can be hard to choose it over crispy salty pretzels, so this is something I’ll have to work on. But that’s what recasting is all about 🙂

Moving on to morning! I had a delicious bowl of banana oatmeal made in the microwave with 1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup water, 1/3 cup Vitasoy Light Original Soymilk, half a banana, some cinnamon, and an almond butter spoonful with brown sugar sprinkled on top. That’s right, a nut butter!! My roommate said she doesn’t mind if I use other nut butters as long as I don’t bring anything with peanuts or pb into the house (she’s allergic). This was awesome news for me and I ran right out to buy this jar of AB 🙂

I’m going to head to the gym soon and then I have to work at 3. Have a good day 🙂

No Rest For The Weary

July 14, 2008

I had the worst sleep ever last night. I feel like a zombie this morning but I couldn’t fall back asleep now if I wanted to. My stomach is also feeling a little off so I started the day with a small meal of a banana and blueberries and 5 whole grain Melba toasts (I wound up eating them all with cream cheese after the first two were so good like that!). I’m going to head to the gym soon and I have some errands to run, but there might also be some fun stuff (like a trip to the farmer’s market?!?!? We’ll see!!!!!!).

During my bought of insomnia last night I picked up French Women Don’t Get Fat and started to re-read the first chapter. It really reminded me of how happy I am when I eat for pleasure… This book’s philosphy helped me lose my Freshman 7 (thank goodness I never made it to 15) but even more than that it taught me how a healthy body and healthy mind work together to cultivate joie de vivre. I feel like I have stopped thinking this way and I really need to get back to these principles, so I am doing my ‘recasting’ encore. I do have a few minor pounds to lose but more than that I want to get back to the French way of thinking about food, portions and pleasure. I think I’ll finish re-reading the book and focus my meals and my blog entries on changing not only what I’m eating but also how I’m thinking about it. In French Women for All Seasons Mireille mentions walking through an airport, watching people stuffing their faces and her own reaction of shock at not seeing pleasure on any one of these faces. That passage really struck a chord with me and prompts me to think ‘how much am I really going to enjoy eating this?’ before mindlessly proceeding onwards. For those not familiar with the book, the recasting phase is meant as a period of consciously reducing offenders (food we’re prone to overdo without as much pleasure as you may think) reducing portion size but also really enjoying meals and trying new things to excite the palate.

Phew. Well there are my musings for the morning 🙂 Happy Monday!