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September 29, 2008

I beg to differ with Mr. Kermit the Frog- it is VERY easy to be green! Especially with this bright smoothie 🙂 I’ve heard about green smoothies and the even more healthful process of jucicing and drinking your greens, and now that I’ve finally tried it I can’t believe I waited so long.

For this smoothie I started with roughly a cup of frozen mango chunks. Then I added a good handful of spinach (washed and stems removed), some ice cubes, and a little unsweetened soymilk (or you could use water, to make it Raw). I gave it an extra-long run in the blender just to make sure I wouldn’t wind up with spinachy bits. What I finally got to taste was a rich, thick, refreshing smoothie. The spinach gave a great texture and provided a balance to the sweet mango. I loved it this way, but if you’re a little wary of spinach in your smoothies or want a sweeter taste, adding in half a banana would most likely add that extra creamy sweetness.

Greens in general have been on my mind a lot lately since I started reading Kristen’s Raw, both her blog and her raw lifestyle pages. While I don’t think a 100% raw vegan lifestyle is the one for me, I really like her philosophy and her energy. I do feel “better”, more alive, when I eat pure, unprocessed foods in their natural states. I’m going to try to do a raw day- just to see how it makes me feel. And if that’s the only 100% raw day I ever do, that’s fine by me, because no matter what else I’m eating I know my new love for green smoothies will ensure I’m getting in *some* raw all the time 🙂