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Veggies to Soothe the Soul

July 28, 2008

I went for a really long walk today which helped clear my head and made me feel better physically too. I cannot wait until September- it’s been kind of a rough summer, living away from my family and boyfriend and I don’t really have many friends in the city right now either. The apartment I’m living in right now is also awful (cheap rent was the only plus) so I just really want to move out to somewhere that’s going to make me happy! I’m sorry for the negativity, I always try to think about the positives but there are some days when I get down and can’t seem to get back up.

I got back from my walk and wanted to fuel myself with something healthy and uplifting, so I went for a Gliding Calm inspired veggie plate and a z-bar 🙂 Since I didn’t pass on the Brillante Blogging Award, I think I’m just going to give a few shout-outs to some awesome bloggers. Like Em for example- her fruit and veggie platters are always so colorful and gorgeous and I love how she knows what to give her body and always eats what she craves. Plus she is a fantastic athlete in one of my favourite sports (figure skating!!!!!) and her product reviews are always informative and often entertaining (I love her “clap clap” after introducing the product hahaha). Veggies also make me think of the blogworld famous VeggieGirl. Somehow, this vegan dynamo has a kind word for every post 🙂 Her baking adventures always produce delicious results and are retold with exquisitely written detail. Since she was recently diagnosed as a Celiac I can’t wait to see her gluten-free treats and try them out for myself and my GF brother as well 🙂

Laundry and dinner are up next on the agenda! Take care everyone and see you all again soon 🙂


Under The Weather

July 16, 2008
I was hoping my sore throat and achy head were just a lingering morning thing but seeing as it’s evening now and I’m starting to feel a little worse, I believe I can proclaim that I have a cold. In July. Being sick in the summertime is the absolute worst! I will definitely be headed to bed early tonight.

I was craving sweet breakfast food again, so here’s breakfast for dinner, round 2:

Half of my St- Viateur multigrain bagel (couldn’t let a freshly baked bagel go a day without at least being tasted!) toasted and spread with a swirled vanilla hazelnut spread (nutella-esque, but better, in my opinion), half of a banana, and some 2% plain yogurt with a gingersnap cookie. I found these cookies at my favourite health food store and am so glad I bought them! They are wafer-thin but pack SO much flavour and a light, crispy sweetness. I’ll talk more about my new purchases later but I really just want to lie in bed right now 😦 Hoping I feel better in the morning!

***EDIT*** My stomach was grumbling a little and I was craving something salty so I decided to indulge the craving and had a little snack of pretzel sticks with hummus. I had never tried this combo before, but I gotta say this one’s a winner!!! So tasty together. I went back for a little more after finishing my bowl, so I probably ate about double this amount in total. Ok, NOW I’m going to bed, I promise!