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July 27, 2008

Thanks for all of the kind words girls!! 🙂 I love recasting because it’s getting me to really focus on what I’m eating and make choices that are important to me. I feel so awful that now I have to give you some bad news and let you all down because I forgot my camera in my other bag and now I have no picture of my weekly treat 😦 I’m seriously so disappointed, I’ve been having such a great week and I really wanted to share my indulgence with you guys. I had planned on visiting a cafe to sit down with a cappucino and a little something when my friend called to ask if I wanted to go for a walk and a visit to our favourite little fruit shop. Of course I agreed, and when we walked past a gelato shop I just knew that I wanted some 🙂 I searched through my purse only to discover my lack of a camera, but I didn’t want to not have gelato just because I couldn’t get the picture…. so I had several tastes before getting my waffle cone filled with oreo, pistachio, and mint chocolate chip gelato. I am good friends with a girl who works there and she kind of overloaded my cone- it was really much more than I needed!!!! This whole week I have done a great job of listening to my body and paying attention to hunger and fullness cues, but I didn’t do such a great job with the gelato today. I felt prettttty full afterwards. But I know I can do a little compensation today and then next week, when I have my treat, remember that a little really is much more satisfying than a lot!!! In review of the week though I am quite happy with myself and confident that I’ll do just as well next week and do even better with my weekly treat. AND get a picture of it for you ladies!!!!! (Sorry again!!!)

Anyway, I DID get a picture of my breakfast this morning- a serving of that pear with grains yogurt with some vanilla almond granola. Delicious. I just love this combination.

After our gelato and walk, I went back to my friend’s place and spent the rest of the afternoon there with him. I had dinner there too (still no camera at this time so again no picture) which was a simple pj&j on rye bread and a tall glass of orange juice mixed with club soda. The sandwich was made with homemade strawberry jam that he made with his mom, and it was out of this world good!!! BUT the even BETTER news is that he has a ton of it and it going to give me a little jar!!!!! I’m sooo happy haha this was the best strawberry jam I have ever eaten. I had a couple spoonfuls straight from the jar- that’s how good this was 🙂

I am heading off to work now so see you all tomorrow and hope you all had wonderful weekends!!!!